About Us

JIC Bookstore Investment Co., Ltd.

JIC Bookstore Investment Co., Ltd.(JIC Books)is one of the member enterprises of China Jianyin Investment Co., Ltd. focusing on cultural industry management. JIC Books adheres to the brand concept of promoting financial business intelligence growth and social progress. Based on the urban cultural space and guided by a global perspective, JIC Books is committed to digging out the excellent innovation ability in cultural industry and developing multicultural products. JIC Books also keeps faith to promote industry resource integration and value reconstruction, to build a cultural media industry system, and to bring positive social influence by the culture brand.

AddressRoom 1805, C Tower, Oriental Meidiya Center, No.4, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, 100026

TEL: 86-010-85879822


Brand Memorabilia

JIC Bookstore Investment Co., Ltd. has been founded

The first bookstore landed on the bank of Huangpu River in Shanghai

JIC Books·EAC Service Apartment Store opened

JIC Books· Shanghai Pujiang Store refurbished and reopened

JIC Books· Nanjing Jinling Store opened

Joined the Shanghai Book Fair for the first time, and won the‘Creative Design’award 

and the‘Top Ten Branch’honor

Being the only bookstore shooting place in the 1st China International Import Expo Propaganda Film

JIC Books· Beijing Yonganli Store opened

The Chinese first Library Reality Show The Amazing Library was released, with 20 million Internet views

JIC Books· Beijing Guomao Store opened